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Why chose Anthony Palmini for your video game project ?

I have been a gamer since the first Nintendo system came out. All my life I  my creativity has been influenced by the memorable games I have played and the memorable characters I loved in those games. And I am an avid gamer of current games so my knowledge of the presentation and variety is clear.


Now that some modern games are almost an extension of the acting style of that you would find in movies and television, I feel my experience in those mediums along with the training and acting in video game voice over projects make me the best candidate for video game voice over work .

My wide vocal range has helped me create a variety of characters for video games whether it be in the style of the gun toting wacky side character, the serious but slick game mechanics explainer character, the epic hero of an RPG quest or the complex villain monster of an alien horde.

I love to use all my skills to collaborate and bring a truthful, fun, epic character to life for your project

Please feel free to contact me at to see if we can share our stories together.

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