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Audiobook Reel
Voice of Rhysand for " ACOTAR" audiobook series
Audio Series

Why chose Anthony Palmini for your Audio book project ?

At the core of entertainment , it's all about storytelling. The better you are at telling a story the better the experience will be for the audience. Audio books are the very essence of that goal. It's also something I strive to do when I am asked to narrator an audio book.


Another important aspect is making sure that as the narrator switches from storytelling to character dialogue, the reader can imagine who is speaking by the clear and specific vocal choices by the narrator so the story flows easily for the listener. With my years of improv comedy training, acting training and writing, I am able to make those great and specific choices to bring each character to life.

My wide vocal range has helped me create a variety of characters for award winning audio books. Whether it be a brooding vampire , slick and wise cracking alien thief, a cowboy looking for trouble or a troubled young wizard looking for his soulmate, I can make these characters feel distinct and different from each other in separate  or even the same audio books.

I love to use all my skills to collaborate and bring a truthful, fun, epic character to life for your project

Please feel free to contact me at to see if we can share our stories together.

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