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Mean bunny slacker character
Western Outlaw character
Zany Professor character
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Why chose Anthony Palmini for your animation project ?

Creating fun and memorable characters/stories is what I have been doing for the last 10 yrs. I take pride in making sure that these characters not only have heart (good or evil) but fit exactly the tone of the story.


I have been able to do so with my years in improv training , performing and writing live sketch comedy and writing scripts for online projects. All have played a vital part in my creation of the best characters for animation.

My wide vocal range has helped me create a variety of characters for animation whether it be in the style of transnational , anime, experimental and even from children to adult content animation .

I love to use all my skills to collaborate and bring a truthful, fun, epic character to life for your project

Please feel free to contact me at to see if we can share our stories together.

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